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New Habits

My newest habit is commuting every day to work, after 6 years of a self-designed mix of working from home, traveling, and office. It’s an adjustment. There are also sub-habits that have to take place as a result of this new “bigger” habit. So along the lines of this new habit, I have to incorporate a slew of additional supporting habits:

  • I need to figure out how to be an evening shower person now, as opposed to taking my time in the morning or late morning after the first rush of meetings.
  • I need to establish a fixed morning routine to get me out the door around 7 or 7:30.
  • I need to re-train my body to go to sleep at a specific time.
  • I need to finish eating dinner earlier.
  • I need to find another time to get my daily reading in.
  • I’m sure there are others I haven’t thought of.

As a result of this new bigger habit, you will always have supporting habits that you also need to evolve your entire ecosystem and ensure success. When you’re mentally creating your checklist for how to ingrain a new habit, make sure you include the supporting processes needed to get you to the finish line.

What are your new habits?

Always Open On My Desktop

What applications do you have as “always on”? Mine are:

  • Firefox
    • Gmail
    • HootSuite
    • Internal Corporate Community
  • Entourage
  • Evernote
  • Pandora

I find that I work better with some music in the background to groove to. Evernote has become an essential tool to my productivity and note organization. The recent HootSuite release has taken the tool to the next level and I am a definitely now a promoter.

So what applications do you always have on?

Do You Ever Ask Yourself Why?

Or your supervisor? Or your friends? Or your partner/husband/wife/bf/gf?

Don’t forget while you’re getting caught up in the glorious insanity that each day brings to ask why. Why are you doing this? Why are you prioritizing one project over another? Why is this so important to you?

If you don’t know why, then you can’t make decisions. Every “thing” you work on is time spent away from doing something else. Don’t be shy about knowing why you’re spending your time the way you are.