Consider Your Audience When Writing

I’ve been writing a lot the past year, whether it be for work, personal, or personal work. I’ve found that  readers most of the time fall into one of four categories:

  1. I don’t get it.
  2. I hear you, but WE have a long way to go before getting there so I’m going to stop listening right now.
  3. Yeah, I’ve heard this before – so what’s new?
  4. This is nice fluffy marketing speak, thanks.

When you’re writing for an audience, make sure to consider both who you are targeting, and secondarily, who will end up reading your content. In the end, you may not care about the latter, but including positioning that addresses some of that secondary market may increase the life of your content.

Growing Into Leadership – great reminder for us all.. every day

Amber provides a comprehensive list of “concepts” that you can use as a guiding path while you are developing your leadership skills. She’s right – developing the leadership gene doesn’t happen overnight and you will regularly need to refer back to your mentors or guiding strategies to keep you on your path.
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Let Your Customers Persuade Themselves – the new sale is the no sale

Here’s a really great post from Michael Schrage for HBR… a reminder that the “sale” has evolved to a “non sale”. How are you evolving your product design, positioning, and sales practices to change with the times?
“Professional service firms are fools if they’re not constantly looking for ways not just to better communicate the value of their work, but to give people things that let them sell themselves on the firm’s value proposition.”
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Some insightful thoughts on Purpose from The Comparative Advantage Blog

“There are no insignificant roles, just people who make the roles insignificant and it is a manager’s role to make employee realize that.”
What do you do in your daily life to help your team feel like they are all working towards something greater? I sometimes struggle with this, and definitely sometimes ask the question – why am I doing this? But you know what, it’s a good thing. Constantly ask yourself “why”, and continue to find meaning in what may seem mundane at the time.
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