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The Great Forgotten Art of Editing

This is another story about my 2 year old son. Since I spend nearly every non-sleeping (although we do often spend this time together now – don’t get me started) and non-working minute of the day with him, I often find myself thinking about what are the “things” – the skills, the stepping stones, the life lessons – that will get him from where he is now to where I am (as a mostly functioning adult). As an extension of this, I think a lot about why I am the way that I am, and what could have been different about me today if those “things” were different. One of those “things” that I’m so thankful to have learned early and worked with throughout my life as a working professional is the art of editing. (more…)

Lessons From Life: Sometimes, You Do Know Better Than Everyone Else

The other day, I had my first golf lesson in almost a decade. Masa, my instructor, watched with intent, asked me to do some balance tests, followed by pretending to swing a bat and tennis racket. At the end of our first 30 minute session, Masa came to the conclusion that I should probably play golf goofy. In his words, “You’ll probably be fine playing right-handed, but you’ll never be as good as if you played naturally left-handed.” (more…)

Fast Food Ads Are Often The Opposite of Reality – So Now What?

A little while ago I posted this Tweet, which got some interesting feedback:

Fast Food Ads Are Often Opposite Of Reality – (Not just fast food – misguided expectations are everywhere) @meannie

…And you wonder why there is a gap in what the customer expects versus what they receive. It’s everywhere, even down to the food that we eat. Further, you wonder why customers walk away dissatisfied and loyalty drops over time.

What to do? (more…)

Trust Your Guts

Instinct is an interesting phenomenon. Something deep down inside of you is privy to information that your conscious mind is not aware of. How this is possible is of course a mystery. But, in the end, you know that your gut, your instinct, is the thing that will keep you afloat in a time of uncertainty.

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith and trust yourself.