Customer Service

Overcoming Your Own "Not Me"

Remember the ghost that would run around in the Family Circus cartoons causing a bunch of mischief and get Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. in trouble all the time? The kids all knew who he was. Time after time, Bil and Thelma would call the kids out on said naughtiness of the day and low and behold, it was always “Not Me” who did it. Not a bad deal to know exactly who to blame, and even better to have Bil and Thelma to help clean up the mess.

Implement New Experience Technologies, But Don’t Leave Your Actual Customers Behind

Tom (my fiance) and I went to grab an iced coffee at Starbucks yesterday afternoon to beat the heat. I was taken aback by how many laptops were open. Starbucks has inherently changed forever – no more chatter of the European coffee houses as it was originally intended. Now, it has become a quiet haven of caffeine consumption and work/study.

As we were walking out, I said something to the effect of, “Man, I really wish Starbucks had free wifi when I was in college. I would have been here all the time.” (more…)

15 Truths About Customer Experience

Customer Experience,
even with all of the corporate and media attention its gotten the past decade,
is still sort of a mystery.

Many companies either bucket the discipline into some form of Customer Service or Marketing, thus limiting the group’s ability to reach across the organization. Other companies allow Customer Experience to live in siloes as part of functional teams and rely on the assumption that cross-functional alignment will happen as a result of projects requiring interaction. Others yet completely outsource this very critical piece of corporate strategy to agencies.

The reality is that a Customer Experience Management Program can thrive in a variety of implementations, so long as it meets a few core criteria: (more…)

Do You Know How Much You’re Really Losing When You Lose A Customer?

Do you know? If not, then you can’t really have any idea what you’re losing, or gaining for that matter, with your actions.

Start With The Theoretical Rooted In Reality

Let’s break this down by necessary components of information by running through a mock case study so you can go back and calculate the same for your business. (more…)

Not Everyone Is On Twitter, Including Your Customers. So Now What?

Forrester and MarketingProfs administered a survey earlier in the year where we saw that a majority of the organizations responding are ramping up or currently running some sort of Social Media plan in 2010, with 55% stating they use Twitter for marketing purposes. Great for Social Media, but is it actually great for your business? (more…)