Customer Experience

Overcoming Your Own "Not Me"

Remember the ghost that would run around in the Family Circus cartoons causing a bunch of mischief and get Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. in trouble all the time? The kids all knew who he was. Time after time, Bil and Thelma would call the kids out on said naughtiness of the day and low and behold, it was always “Not Me” who did it. Not a bad deal to know exactly who to blame, and even better to have Bil and Thelma to help clean up the mess.

Customer Experience Truth #13 – Even In A 100% Online Business Model, There Are Still Key "Offline" Experiences You Need To Address

Business who are 100% online have a nice list of advantages over off/online businesses – they have full control over the shopping experience. No part time employees to train. No brick and mortar rent to pay. No ability for an angry customer experience to negatively impact other people who happen to be in the same space at the same time. You don’t get off so easily, however. (more…)

Customer Experience Truth #12 – Your Employees Are Your Customers As Well

Questions like Amber’s to the left started popping up left and right throughout 2009 when social media empowerment and corporate IT policies were so obviously misaligned. For many companies now, this specific issue has been resolved. However, this is just one of several areas of concern employees have when it comes to having the tools to deliver on an experience promise. Trusting employees with access and information is one of the biggest barriers to enabling your organization to deliver on the ideal customer experience. (more…)