Best Practices

Overcoming Your Own "Not Me"

Remember the ghost that would run around in the Family Circus cartoons causing a bunch of mischief and get Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. in trouble all the time? The kids all knew who he was. Time after time, Bil and Thelma would call the kids out on said naughtiness of the day and low and behold, it was always “Not Me” who did it. Not a bad deal to know exactly who to blame, and even better to have Bil and Thelma to help clean up the mess.

Why Are You Performing A Gap Analysis? Everything Is Great!

The first thing I do when I step onto a new project is get a sense of what the real story is. And, as is the case most of the time, the real story is lurking somewhere 15 feet below where you thought you were walking. This real story is where things are a bit murkier.

For many consumer goods, that often means focusing on the product itself, along with a heavy dose of branding to continually affirm the “feel good” warm fuzzies. When it comes to a B2B customer/vendor relationship, things get a little more complicated. (more…)

You’ve Got To Give In Order To Get

What happens if you need information, resources, or just plain help and don’t have the funding or time to go hire and train someone new?


Find someone at your company who has the skills to help progress your project, understand what their needs are, and see how you can help make their jobs easier. Everyone has a soft spot for helping an acquaintance in need who is willing to help them.

Can I Pitch In? vs Need Any Help?

This morning one of the casual carpoolers I picked up said “Can I pitch in a dollar?” as an offering to counter the $2.50 Bay Bridge Carpool Toll that went into effect July 1, 2010.

Immediately I thought to myself – what a great way to offer assistance without projecting any negative connotation.

When you’re asking someone if they need “help”, the recipient of the assistance may perceive that you think they need help, as opposed to would welcome help.

The words you use to frame your innocuous effort to alleviate someone else’s load will directly impact the response you get – so choose your words wisely.

The Decisions You Make Now Won’t Be Right Forever… Make Sure You Can Be Flexible When You Need To

Tom and I rented an apartment in the East Village off airbnb (Great site!) for a wedding we’re attending this weekend. We figured, how wonderful would it be to feel like we’re living in New York, within 4 blocks of one of our best friends? Then, several other friends in town for the wedding jumped on the weekend apartment rental bandwagon and it became even more fantastic of a story. How great is it that we can all pretend to be neighbors in one of the greatest cities in the world for a long weekend? (more…)