Social Media

The Soft Benefits of Social Media Not to be Undervalued

I’ve dived cannon ball style into social media for small business.

Because the relationship piece of running a business is extremely difficult to measure, the value is often overlooked. Small businesses have however always relied on a strong relationship to drive recurring revenue, which is why adding social media to their marketing mix makes so much sense. I’ve found that more are using social media as a relationship building channel first, and a revenue conversion tool second. (more…)

Enhancing Customer Relationships With Social Media – Customer Spotlight

I’m on a journey to find small businesses that understand the importance of owning their social media presence. Today I had a great conversation with one of Demandforce’s customers – Bell Tire & Auto in Glendale, Arizona – where Dave Bankston injects a healthy dose of personality into the business’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. Spending no more than 3-4 hours a week since starting, Dave has been able to learn enough about social media tools to impact his business in a noticeable way: (more…)

Great List: Web Marketing Facts You Should Know

If you’re in marketing, social media, or just a regular small business trying to figure out where to focus your resources, this is a must-read list from Junta42:

Some stats that stand out, especially for small business:

  • 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search engine results.
  • 77% of search users choose organic over paid listings when searching, 67% choose organic search when purchasing. (more…)

Consider Your Audience When Writing

I’ve been writing a lot the past year, whether it be for work, personal, or personal work. I’ve found that  readers most of the time fall into one of four categories:

  1. I don’t get it.
  2. I hear you, but WE have a long way to go before getting there so I’m going to stop listening right now.
  3. Yeah, I’ve heard this before – so what’s new?
  4. This is nice fluffy marketing speak, thanks.

When you’re writing for an audience, make sure to consider both who you are targeting, and secondarily, who will end up reading your content. In the end, you may not care about the latter, but including positioning that addresses some of that secondary market may increase the life of your content.