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15 Truths About Customer Experience

Customer Experience,
even with all of the corporate and media attention its gotten the past decade,
is still sort of a mystery.

Many companies either bucket the discipline into some form of Customer Service or Marketing, thus limiting the group’s ability to reach across the organization. Other companies allow Customer Experience to live in siloes as part of functional teams and rely on the assumption that cross-functional alignment will happen as a result of projects requiring interaction. Others yet completely outsource this very critical piece of corporate strategy to agencies.

The reality is that a Customer Experience Management Program can thrive in a variety of implementations, so long as it meets a few core criteria: (more…)

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I was sitting at my desk at the home office (which is a desk in the living room) a few weeks ago asking a question:

“If so many companies are thinking about and working on Customer Experience,
then why are just as many companies terrible at it?”

Customer Experience Management Programs come in all shapes and sizes. All CEM Programs are after the same goal (make customers happy and make more money), yet they are also all dependent on a variety of factors for success. (more…)