An Entrepreneur in Education: Angela Lee, Executive Director at Columbia Business School and Founder of 37 Angels

Angela Lee is on a career-long journey to continue finding that perfect intersection of personal passion and professional satisfaction. Having born witness to her impressive ability to create opportunities to challenge herself and those around her since our undergrad years at Cal, I have no doubt that Angela’s story will inspire readers to stop thinking of themselves as a checkbox and start asking how they can build a portfolio of life and professional experiences they’re truly proud of.

How would you define your job today?

Honestly, it’s hard to answer that question. My primary role is Executive Director and Adjunct Faculty with Columbia Business School where I’m charged with helping them revamp their core curriculum. I also teach two courses at the business school – one on strategy and the other on leadership.

On the side, I run 37 Angels, which is an angel investing network that empowers women investors and educates women on how to become angel investors. (more…)

Becca Piastrelli’s Advice to Early Career Professionals: Create the Space to Listen

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.56.39 AMBecca Piastrelli, founder of The Dabblist, had been toying with the idea of jumping the proverbial corporate ship for a while before actually taking the leap this past year. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Becca and working closely with her for a few years now – she was originally recruited to launch our online community, Generation Demandforce. So during the day, Becca was our community management extraordinaire. At night and on the weekends however, she was in another world, connecting with thousands of her blog readers with every post about herbal remedies and other dabblings. Today, Becca has found a way to successfully intertwine personal passion and career, and I’m so glad to be sharing her story with you.

What do you love most about the entrepreneurial life?

I love that it’s a combination of my creative and business passions. Being my own boss and having 100% say in my success ain’t too shabby either. (more…)

Nick Mehta’s One Piece of Advice: Well Actually, He Has Three. Read On.

NickNick Mehta, CSW (Colored Sock Wearer) and CEO of Gainsight, is a ball of energy and sharp as nails. He’s one of those guys that already knows the answer to a question before you’ve even begun processing what you need to do to try and answer it. So, if you ever get a chance to have coffee with Nick, don’t miss out – you’ll learn more in that hour than you will all week. A bonafide serial entrepreneur, Nick joined Gainsight to help solve a tremendously important business problem – How do businesses reduce churn and keep the good customers longer?

So what’s in a day for a CEO?

Mostly send emails. And attend meetings. And send emails about meetings. And schedule meetings about emails. Basically, any kid of a CEO who is at “bring your kid to work day” needs to bring an iPad. (more…)

Scott Harris’ Advice to You: Find Your Passion and Press On

Scott Harris, CEO of Social Factor, is turning the tables on corporate america one company at a time. A bonafide serial entrepreneur, his newest venture is a social agency is focusing on turning grey matter into black and white for businesses.

What do you love most about your job?

I love building organizational culture, empowering millennials, and encouraging innovation.

What drew you to starting your own venture? (more…)

Jim Ducharme’s Advice to Early Career Professionals: Shut Up and Listen.

webinar-jim-HSJim Ducharme, VP of Strategic Marketing at Maropost, is starting on a new adventure – really a continuation of his journey to making meaningful connections and making an impact. As he narrowed his focus over the years into community management and then online marketing, Jim’s found a niche for himself that includes building relationships to drive business results through social media, which is where we met years ago. Here’s Jim’s story.

Congratulations on your new role at Maropost! What does a VP of Strategic Marketing do?

My role is to be the brand voice and ambassador to our client community and external communities as well. My focus is on building relationships along with our brand and of course, help generate leads. (more…)

Jackie Yeaney’s One Piece of Advice: Just Be You.

Jackie Yeaney, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing at Red Hat, has for several years been the person I’ve looked to as a role model. It’s been easy to, as Jackie is one of those unique individuals who has successfully navigated nearly every relevant career challenge out there – being the 1% minority, serving in the military, transitioning careers (including a shift from engineering to marketing), finding peace with work-life balance, and making incredibly difficult decisions regarding family and career. I’m excited and honored to share her story with you.

What do you love most about your role with Red Hat? (more…)