What I Write About

These days, I’m posting thoughts on Medium to test the waters. 

Mostly I focus my attention on Leadership & Management, Marketing, Technology, and Customer Experience and the impact these topics have on consumers and businesses. You might also find some posts on this blog about food. It’s a big passion of mine – especially cheap, local eateries around the world that are a true representation of the cultures that made these places their homes. Once in a while, I will post a bit of a rambling as a thought starter for myself or to provoke conversation.


Most Popular Posts


Born in Michigan and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wife to an extraordinarily forgiving and patient man, and mother to a lively 4 year old boy, 1 year old pup, grumpy old cat, and three fish named Peter. Two-time C-level executive at growth and scale domestic & global SaaS software companies. For the past 8 years as Principal of CXPBootcamp,  I’ve consulted companies on the practical application of customer experience strategies. I regularly speak at industry events, am passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders, and have published fiction, business non-fiction, and poetry books over the years.

In early 2017, I co-founded EdioLabs to help hard-working parents engage with, better understand, and help their children learn and grow with the few hours they have together most days.

I created my own major called New Media and Communications (combination of  Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Psychology, English) at UC Berkeley back when this Internet “stuff” was still called New Media.


email: annie at EdioLabs dot com
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  1. Hi Annie,

    I love the simplicity of your blog and your “Most Popular Posts.” I graduated from San Diego State University in May 2010 with a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications. I moved to Shanghai, China, where I taught English and work on several different projects from July 2010- July 2012. Now I’m back in San Diego, working a generic 9-5 job in the online admissions department for an University. I want to start a blog and develop my tech skills when it comes to online marketing.

    What advice do you have for a rookie blogger looking to develop into a online marketing expert?

    Thank you in advance!



    1. Hi Matt, my biggest piece of advice would be to pick a few topics and get started… The discipline of writing great content regularly is more challenging than coming up with compelling ideas. Best of luck!


      1. Thanks Annie! I agree that it must become a habit and second nature to be a successful blogger. Instead of blogging some days, I need to make it a daily priority. With you busy work schedule, when do you find time to blog and maintain that segment of your schedule?


      2. I generally write in the early morning, between 3-6 am a few times a week (before my son wakes up). It’s also time for me to catch up on news and read other blogs to keep learning. Best of luck to you!


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