14 Facts About Customer Experience

I love this infographic – simply said, delivering on customer experience delivers on long term growth.


  1. Annie:
    I look forward to reading them! Nurturing existing relationships is important, but if you’re doing business correctly-nurturing isn’t as difficult as some businesses make it out to be. We have established relationships with many of our customers and they’re the ones bringing us New Customers on a regular basis 🙂 Bringing in new business is important for small businesses because it creates rapport within the community, word of mouth, recognition, ect.

    We strive to make sure all of our customers (existing and new) are treated like family so that we don’t have to spend much time doing damage control. It’s something that works well for us and we rarely deal with unhappy visitors. I think educating our customers makes a huge difference too. They’re able to learn, and make more informed decisions-which establishes a value and positive experience as well as a trusting relationship.


    1. Sarah, I think businesses sometimes get too distracted with the need to bring in new business all the time – while they want to focus on nurturing existing customers and believe it’s important, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do both. I’m working on a few blog posts that provide marketing tips that do both at the same time. Hope that will help!


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