Etiquette and New Media Communications

A little reminder that we could probably all benefit from a series of webinars on the following (and more I’m sure but just can’t think of it):

* Email etiquette: how many punctuations is too many? When is it appropriate to be have a firm tone in an email vs. giving that person a call? What other subtle nuances do you need to know about communicating in a non face-to-face environment?
* Instant Messaging Etiquette: business vs. personal IMing and what you need to know to do the business part the right way be done with
* How to represent your company on the Internet

I hear fair frequently people complaining about ineffective communication. Perhaps resetting the expectation across the board would be helpful for all parties?

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  1. Hey, Annie:Sorry about that! Typo’d — I hate when that happens… Let’s try this again.BusinessEmailEtiquette.comLove the new look of your Blog too! ;)Take care


  2. Hey, Annie!How correct you are about folks needing to understand the issues you mention. Maybe check out my sites that do in fact have articles, 101, a quiz and free services that can help onliners (personal and business related) with just the issues you typed about:Business Email Etiquette!At your service,


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